Credit organization: Which loan insurance to choose?

What is a credit institution? If you can subscribe to different types of loans from banks (real estate credit, revolving loan, payday loan, acquisition of credit), there are also many organizations specialized in credit to individuals but also to professionals and businesses, to whom you can go to borrow. Consult the credit agency to compare

Payday Loan Insurance

The types of insurance available What is Creditor Protection Insurance (CPI) insurance? It represents a form of protection for the insured in the event of unforeseen events that may occur during the duration of the loan. It is always recommended to carefully read the insurance conditions and the policy limits set by the Information Set.

Simulation and comparative loan insurance

  Reduce the cost of your home equity insurance  Since the Lagarde law of September 2010, borrowers have the right to select for themselves the insurance company that will guarantee their home loan against the risks of death, disability and incapacity for work. You can save a lot by choosing another borrower insurance than the

What is the procedure for Savings Bond Redemption?

Savings redemption of bonds is a relatively simple process. It will be necessary to take the savings bond to a bank and ask to redeem it Generally, one will need to be the account holder in the bank. Identification such as a driver’s license or other publicly issued ID will be required, especially if one’s

Take a loan insurance in bank in delegation

   New online bank: Hallow Bank When you apply for mortgage loans from Hallow Bank, it asks you to take out loan insurance and then presents you with its own insurance borrower to secure your bank loan and protect your loved ones. But thanks to the Lagarde law, you can resort to the “insurance delegation”,

Make a comparison insurance loan to guarantee a mortgage

  Online loan insurance comparison Do not hesitate ! Use the comparative loan insurance quickly and for free the best credit insurance companies in France with the online broker comparison tool. Only a few clicks to make a single request for quote insurance borrower, to get the best rate and a detailed schedule of the