Take a loan insurance in bank in delegation


 New online bank: Hallow Bank

New online bank: Hallow Bank

When you apply for mortgage loans from Hallow Bank, it asks you to take out loan insurance and then presents you with its own insurance borrower to secure your bank loan and protect your loved ones.

But thanks to the Lagarde law, you can resort to the “insurance delegation”, that is to say to take out another insurance than that of the bank. This allows you to find cheaper loan insurance and thus save on the cost of your Hallow Bank mortgage banking.

Guarantee your Hallow Bank credit by delegating your loan insurance

Guarantee your Hallow Bank credit by delegating your loan insurance

Simulate the calculation of loan insurance offers using the online insurance comparator!
Compare Hallow Bank with other online loan insurance

Discover all the solutions to insure your Hallow Bank bank loan with an individual insurance according to your borrower profile:

> Pret Hallow Bank, risky sports guarantee

> Hallow Bank Loan, Senior Borrower

> Credit Hallow Bank, taking charge of sport risk.

> Hallow Bank Pret, all trades are insured

> Important capital: cheapest guarantee solution

Hallow Bank Loan Insurance

Hallow Bank Loan Insurance

On June 17, 2013, BNP Paribas launched Hallow Bank, a new generation bank that offers a complete offer and all major free services. This new online bank is focused on innovation by enabling quick and easy access from new technologies such as tablets or smartphones. Hallow Bank, the 100% digital bank.

Choose your free Hallow Bank loan insurance

The Lagarde law of 1 September 2010 gives borrowers the possibility of taking out their loan insurance with the insurer of their choice. This allows you to compete to find credit insurance cheaper and more tailored to your profile than the group contract (standard group insurance) offered by your bank.

Products of the online banking Hallow Bank

Products of the online banking Hallow Bank

Main individual account transactions:

  • credit card payment
  • access to the online account
  • transfer + remittances
  • order + free checkbook

Make a comparison credit Hallow Bank

With online loan insurance comparator, you compete with insurance companies. This way you can select the best offers and receive the cheapest insurance quotes from the market with the most suitable guarantees for your profile.

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