July 19, 2022

A corrupt traffic rank caught in a ministry sting

The rapid action of senior officials of the Ministry of the Interior led to the transfer of a corrupt police rank out of the department.

A statement released yesterday by the ministry said that a minibus driver was arrested last Wednesday by a motorcycle traffic station attached to the Brickdam police station near the Stabroek market.

Upon inspection of the vehicle’s documents, the statement said the rank discovered that the vehicle’s suitability was missing.

After the bus driver explained that the missing document was at his home, the traffic rank kept the bus driver’s insurance and driver’s license and sent him home to recover fitness, according to the press release. He was also ordered to come back “with nothing less than $ 5,000”.

“This extortion was reported to Home Secretary Robeson Benn, and an undercover operation was quickly carried out by a senior ministry official who photographed the money’s serial numbers and videotaped the transaction. The traffic rank was then escorted to Brickdam police station where he was questioned by senior police officers, followed by an investigation. As a result, it was removed from Traffic, ”the statement read.

The incident, the statement said, signals that the Interior Ministry has zero tolerance for corruption and is determined to eliminate those who continue to give Guyanese police a bad reputation.

The statement does not say whether charges will be filed.